As a group admin you can add or invite new members to your group directly through and in the app 

Add members using the Nyby-app:

  1. Launch the app and click on "Groups" in the menu bar at the bottom of the page. Click on the group you wish to add a new member

  2. Click on the blue button "Administer group" and then on "Members"

  3. Click on "Invite members"

  4. Search for the person from the contacts on your phone (this requires that you have allowed the app to access your contact), or type the number of the person you wish to add directly in the search bar

  5. Click on the number --> Fill out the name of the person --> Click "Done"

  6. Click "Send" to save

NB! Remember to give the person access to one or more channels so that they can ask for help og volunteer in that channel:

  1. Click on the member in the member list (Groups --> Administer group --> Members --> Click on the member)

  2. Click "Add to channel"

  3. Choose the channel that you wish to add the person to, and choose what type of access this person shall have (i.e. if the person can post request, reply to requests, or both)

  4. When you have selected the right access, click "save"

You can add new members automatically to channels by following the steps in this guide: 

Add members on

  1. Click "Members" and then "your members" on the menu bar on the left side of the page. You will see a list of all your members

  2. Click "+ New member" on the top-right side of the page. A popup window will appear:

  • Fill in the name, number and email (optional) of the new member

  • If you wish to add the new member to any sub-groups you can do so here

  • If you wish to make the new member a group admin tick the "Group manager" box

  • Control that all the information is right and click "Save"

You have now added a new member to your group!

The new member will receive an invitation from either a push-notification (if they have the Nyby-app) or from a text message. The text message includes a link to download the app. 

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