As a group admin you can accept member request for your group either in the Nyby app or on the online admin page  

NB! If your group is public, you do not have to accept member requests as people whom request to join will be automatically added to the group. If you wish to change thing go to --> click on the group you wish to change to private --> go to settings --> scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "private" from the scroll-down menu.

Accepting member requests in the app:

  1. As a group admin you will receive a push-notification on your phone when someone requests to join the group. If you click on the notification you will be taken directly to the member request (step 4 in this guide))

  2. If you do not click on the push-notification you can do the following: Click on the "Groups" tab in the menu bar --> Click on the group (if there are new member requests there will be a red notification on the particular group)

  3. Click on "Administer group" and then on "Member requests"

  4. Click on the green check-mark to accept the member request

  5. After accepting the member you will be shown which channels and subgroups the individual has been automatically added to. On this page you will also be able to add them to other channels and subgroups if you wish. 

  6. Click "Finish" when you are done

The new member will receive a message on their phone when their request has been accepted!

Accepting member requests on

1. Email notification 

If you have registered your email on Nyby, you and other group admins will receive an email when an individual requests to join the group. By clicking "View request" you will be sent directly to all membership requests on the Nyby admin page. 

2. Administrate membership requests on the admin page

On the admin page you can easily see your new membership requests by clicking on Members --> Membership request in the menu bar on the left side of the page

Here you will see a list of all the new membership requests and some information about the individuals, including names, phone numers, date of request, personal message and where the person signed up (app, campaign). 

3. Sending messages to individuals

To send a message to someone who has requested membership, click the three blue dots at the right of "Accept".

NB! If the person does not have the three dots, but an "i" instead, it means that the person has not yet downloaded the app. Often people download the app automatically after a while, so you could leave the request for a few hours and come back. If the person downloads the app, the "i" will change to the three blue dots which means you can contact them directly on Nyby. If the person does not download the app, and therefore do not have the three dots, you can contact the person by using their phone number as shown next to their name. Ask the individual to download the app so that you can comunicate with them through Nyby in the future.  

4. Qualification of member

When you receive member requests in your group, your task as admin is to assess whether you want to admit the person to your group, and if the person is qualified in accordance with the group's qualification criterias. Maybe you would like to have a conversation with the person on the phone, or in an interview? If so, it may be handy to make notes regarding the follow-up of the individual so that all the group admins are up to date on the process. These notes will only be visible to you and other group admins, follow these four steps to make notes:

  1. Click on members

  2. Click on member requests

  3. Click on the request of the person whom you wish to make a note of 

  4. Write a note and click "Add note" 

5. Accept or deny requests

When you are certain that the person meets all the criteria of the group, you can accept the request. When you click "Accept", a pop-up window shows up with the option to cancel or to accept and invite. If you click "Accept and invite" the individual will receive a text message or a push-notification in the app. Click "Done" to finish the process

NB! Remember to add the member to a channel so that the person can access the services you have agreed upon. 

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