What type of personal data does Nyby collect?

Vi collect basic information about you when you create an account, such as your name, address, email, and phone number. When you add services, we may collect additional information such as identification. We register information when you contact us, including your inquiries to our staff and any additional details of the inquiry and our answers. We use cookies and similar technologies on our web site and in our mobile software to gather information regarding usage and interaction with others. You can read more about the data we collect in our terms and conditions

How does Nyby use the personal information?

We use the data to provide, improve and update the services we provide to our users. We use your personal information to create your account, deliver the service (web site and app) and to detect and prevent misuse of the service. You can read more about this in our privacy policy. 

Does Nyby share my personal information with third-party companies?

We may share your personal data with companies that are:

  • Integrated, or cooperating, with our business

  • Third-parties that deliver services that we have included in our offering

  • Third-parties that are necessary to share it with in order for them to deliver services to you on our behalf

We only share the bare minimum of information when necessary, and third-parties are not allowed to use your information for any other purpose. This is stated in our privacy policy. Examples of when it is necessary to share data:

  • When processing payments

  • When communicating with your through surveys or emails

  • To conduct internet-based advertisements. 

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