There are multiple ways to invite more members to your group in Nyby:

  1. You can send them a direct invitation by adding them manually. Read how to here

  2. You can make a campaign that you can post on your intranet, workplace, home page etc. Read about what a campaign is here, and how you make a campaign here

  3. Many prefer to write an email that refers to a campaign. By sending an email you can tailor your message to suit the receiver(s). Below is an example for an email: 



We are going to start using the Nyby app to connect our users directly to volunteers from the local volunteering office, Red Cross etc. The app can also make it easier for our users to help each other. 

Therefore, we want to ask you to read about, and get familiar with the app so that you can ask for help on behalf of our users through the app. 

To get started:

  1. Read through the attached template for health care personnel and give me a written confirmation that you have understood the rules and regulations

  2. Click on this link and register: Link to the campaign

  3. As soon as I have approved your request to join the group, you can get started and post requests on behalf of your users :)

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


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