To become a group admin on Nyby you have to get an invite. You can get an invite from another group admin, or from the Nyby representative in your municipality or organization. If you have any questions regarding how to get an invite, reach out to your Nyby representative or send an email to 

When you are invited as an admin for a group, you can log onto the Nyby admin page at Here you have all the administrative tools in order to manage your group. You will also have access to specific tools in the app.  

The first time you log in as a group admin: 

  1. When you are invited as an admin, you will receive a text message on the number you first registered with on Nyby.. 

  2. Click on the link in the text message

  3. Type in your phone number

  4. Type in the four-digit code you receive from Nyby in the field below

  5. Download the app, or launch the app if you have already downloaded it

  6. Choose a profile picture 

  7. When you have completed these steps the registration is done and you will be able to access admin tools in the app, as well as the admin panel at Welcome as a new group admin in Nyby!🎉

NB! If you are invited as an admin for more than one group, you will receive a text message with an invitation for each group. Due to safety measures, you have to click the link and follow the steps for each group separately. Each invitation only works once.

If you have not received an invitation in a text message, you can do the following:

  • Contact the person that added you as a group admin and confirm that they entered the right phone number 

  • If the phone number was right and you still have not received a text message, contact our support team at or via our chat services at the bottom-right corner of this page

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