What is a sub-group? 

A sub-group is a way to gather members that should have access to- or are qualified for the same type of services. If your group is a care home, an example of sub-groups could be residents, employees, volunteers, or relatives. Sub-groups can easily be connected to one or more channels so that the sub-group gets access to write, or reply, to requests in that channel. 

You can create many different sub-groups per group, and members can join more than one sub.group.

When should you use sub-groups?

If you have 10 or more members in a group, it may be an idea to create sub-groups to easily manage who has access to which channels. When adding new people in a channel, you can choose whether you want to add an entire sub-group or only selected members. If you select the entire sub-group to have access to the channel, all new members whom are added to the sub-group will automatically gain access to the same channels as existing members in that sub-group. 

How do I use sub-groups?

Read how you make a sub-group here

Make a channel on admin.nyby.no, or enter an existing channel. Click on the three blue dots on the top-right corner of the channel --> Click "Edit" --> Under "Who can post, reply or see request" you can select a sub-group. If you do so, all the members of the sub-group will get access to the channel. 

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