A post is a way for group admins to convey information to existing members of the group. Using a group post makes it possible to reach out to your members without sending individual messages. The admin chooses whether they want the post to be published to all existing members, or to specific sub-groups. 

Members of the group will see the post on their home screen and on the group's page in the Nyby-app. 

Members can respond to the post by sending a message directly to the sender of the post (the admin). These messages will appear in the admin's inbox. 

You can write a post from the app:

Or from admin.nyby.no:

  • Log onto admin.nyby.no - make sure you are in the right group by checking the name of the group in the top-left corner. If you are not in the right group, click on the arrow next to the name of the group and select the right group. 

  • Click on "Posts" on the menu on the left

  • Click "Write a new post"

  • Select recipients and click "Next"

  • Write your message and click "Publish"

  • All your posts will appear under the "Posts" tab

The post will now appear to selected members. 

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