If your workplace uses Nyby, it can be advantageous if multiple people can see and follow up on requests on behalf of one another. A shared profile enables this - If one employee posts a request on behalf of someone (for example someone who has called the volunteer centre for help), another employee can follow up the request (for example reply to messages or create appointments) from the same profile  

Members of a shared profile can: 

  • Post requests on behalf of the shared profile

  • See all the requests the other members of the profile have posted from the shared profile

  • See responds on requests from the shared profile

  • Respond and make appointments on behalf of the shared profile

Make a shared profile:

  1. Log onto admin.nyby.no

  2. Click on "Members" and then on "Shared profiles"

  3. Click on the blue button "Create your frist shared profile"

  4. Give the profile a name, this name will be shown as the sender of the requests

  5. Give the profile a profile picture

  6. Choose which members of the group to add to the shared profile. These people will be able to administer the shared profile - ie. make requests, reply to messages, reply to requests

  7. Click "Done" and your changes are automatically saved

Add the shared profile to a channel: 

  1. Log onto admin.nyby.no and click on "Channels"

  2. Click on "Edit" on the channel you want the shared profile to have access to

  3. Click "Edit" under "Can publish requests". NB! If you cannot edit this settings, you are in the wrong group. Click on the roll-down menu in the top left and choose the "Ask for help" group. Follow the steps above, and you will be able to edit "Cant publish requests"

  4. You will see a list of your members, click "Edit"

  5. Choose the shared profile, a check mark will appear next to the shared profile. Click "Save"

  6. Click "Save" again

The members of the shared profile now have access to post requests on behalf of the shared profile

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