As a group admin you can create events in the Nyby app, and on

In the app: 

  1. Launch the app and click on the orange buttton "Create a new event"

  2. Fill in the information for the event. All events need to have a name, date and start time. We recommend to add a picture, address and description so that invitees get all the information they need to attend 

  3. Choose whether the event should be public or private. A public event will be displayed on the group's public page. A private event will only be shown to the group's members

  4. When you have filled in all the information, Click "Create"

The event will now be visible to group members on their home screen of the app!

  1. Logg inn via

  2. Make sure you are in the right group by checking the group name in the top-left corner on the page. If you are not in the right group, click on the arrow next to the group name to change groups

  3. Click on "Events" in the menu on the left

  4. Click "Create a new event"

  5. Follow the steps presented to you to fill in all relevant information

  6. In the last step you will be able to review the event

  7. Click "publish"

When creating an event, all members of the group will get a notification on their phone and the event will be visible to them on the home screen of the Nyby-app

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