This is a list of frequently asked questions. For more genereal information about your tasks as an admin, as how to administer members, make campaigns, make channels etc. - see our Help Center. Scroll down to your question or use the search engine at the top of the page. 

"The users do not understand how they use the app, what should I tell them?"
Many find it difficult to start using a new app. We have therefore made step-by-step guides on how to use the app here. As a group admin, sending them this link is a good way to start. The page includes guides on how to dowload the app and register, how to join a group, and how to post or reply to a request. 

"What is Nyby's recommendation when it comes to safety and qualification requirements of volunteers?"

Nyby recommends all municipalities and organizations that uses the platform to qualify all volunteers by screening them. Each municipality/organization, however, has the final say. If you believe that a public group with no formal screening is better for your purpose, then that is your call. 

If you want all your residents to be able to volunteer without any qualifications, it is important to communicate this clearly in each channel so that the people asking for help knows that the volunteers have not been screened prior to joining the group

"How do municipalities assure that people who register are who they say they are?"
There is always a tradeoff between safety and user-friendliness. We use login with text messages which works well and has been assesed and accepted in many municipalities. The person responsible for the pool of resources (volunteers) in your municipality or organization is also responsible for choosing the criterias for the qualification of individuals. There are, however, different ways of dealing with this and we will help you to set up once you have decided on what works for your community.

"Should the volunteers sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA)?"
Many municipalities and organizations want their volunteers to fill in NDAs, and do not accept a member request before the NDS is filled out. The NDA is sent to the person who has requested to volunteers whom sign it and sends it back to the group admin. It is your task to assign someone to be responsible for the qualification of volunteers, and we can assist you by sharing best practices. 

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