You can easily post a request on behalf of someone who needs help. In order to post a request you first need to download and register in the app, you can read how to do so in the links bellow. If you have already completed these steps you can follow the guide below on how to post a request. 

  1. Download and register in Nyby

  2. Join the group you wish to post a request

Posting a request

  1. Launch the app and make sure you are on the "Home" page (bottom-left corner in the menu bar). Clikk on the blue button "Write new"

  2. Click "New request"

  3. Choose the channel in which you want to post the request. 

4. Type your request and click "Publish"
5. Your request is now published in the group
6. When someone replies to your request you will get a red notification-icon (as shown on the picture above). Click on the "Messages" icon

7. Click on the message
8. You are now in a private chat with a volunteer. Here you can discuss the request in closer detail
9. When you have settled the details of the request (e.g. when it should take place, where, how), you can click "Make an appointment" in the top-right corner
10. Click "Confirm"

You have now made an appointment! 

To see your resuests or appointments in the app, follow the steps bellow:  

  1. On the "Home" screen, click "Home" in the top-left corner

  2. Click on "Your requests" to see all your requests. Click on "Your agreements" to see the agreements you have made

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