Post a request for multiple people

This is how you can post a request where you need multiple people to help out.

(click here to see how to post request in Nyby)

  1. When viewing the "Write New Request" screen, tap "More Options"

  2. When asked "How many do you need?", Select "Multiple people" and go back

  3. Publish the request and wait for a response.

Make an agreement with responders individually

When someone responds and you want to make an agreement, you can make the agreement with each one individually.

How to make agreement with multiple people from a message thread in Nyby
  1. Enter the message thread with the person you want to make an appointment with

  2. Select "Make agreement" and confirm it

  3. Once you have confirmed the agreement, you will be asked "Have you got enough people?". Select "Yes, ..." if you want to close the request. Select "No, ..." if you want it to remain active so more people can contact you

Make an agreement with several people at once

You can see everyone you are in conversation with on the details of the request.

Here you can make agreements with several people at the same time and close the request when you have enough agreements.

How to make agreement with multiple people for one request in Nyby.
  1. Press "Mark as agreed"

  2. Choose one or more people you want to make an agreement with

  3. Confirm

  4. You will then be asked if you have got enough people. Select "Yes, ..." to close the request. Select "No, ..." if you want more people to be able to contact you about the request.

Close the request

Once you have made agreements with everyone you need, you can close the request. Then it disappears from the Home screen for anyone who can contribute and people can no longer contact you about the request. Those you have already agreed with still see it.

How to close a request in Nyby

Reactivate the request

If you have closed the request and need more help anyway, you can re-enable the request.

How to reactivate a request in Nyby.
  1. Go to the details screen for the request

  2. Select "Activate request"

  3. Confirm

Everyone who can see and respond in the channel, with the exception of those you have already agreed with, will be notified that the request is active again.

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