Log onto admin.nyby.no 

Make sure you are editing the correct group. The group name is displayed on the top-left corner of the page.

These are the settings available, scroll down to an explanation of each. NB! All settings can be changed later on: 

  1. Group name

  2. Logo

  3. Description of the group

  4. Contact address

  5. Contact person

  6. Automatically add new members to channel

  7. Automatically add new members to subgroups

  8. Group photo

  9. Welcome post

  10. Member visibility

  11. Privacy and openness

  12. Range

Group name

The group name will be displayed to anyone who searches for, and joins ,the group. The aim should therefore be to have an explanatory name, such as "Volunteers in Oslo" or "Ask for help in Oslo"

A logo can help with establishing the group's identity in Nyby. If your organization or municipality has a logo, adding it to the group can help people recognize your brand, and therefore create trust towards the group in Nyby. If you do not have a logo, choose a picture that suits your mission. 

The logo will appear quite small in Nyby, so it can be advantageous to choose a logo without too much detail. 

Click on "Upload image" and upload an image from your computer. You can crop the image after you have uploaded it. Click "save"

Description of the group

The description of the group is important so that all members knows the purpose of the group. The description will be visible for all existing members, as well as potential new members that search for the group. 

Click on "Add description" or "Edit" to write a description. Click "Save". 

Select contact address

The contact address will be the starter point for the range you choose. If you do not choose a contact address, the range will automatically be set around Oslo. Having a well defined range is important so that people close (geographically) to your group will be able to search for the group. The group will appear in seach to the users of Nyby within the given range. The contact address will be visible to all members.

Click on "Add" and then enter the correct address

Select contact person

The contact person will be visible to all members, and everyone who search for your group. Having a contact person is important so that members have someone they can contact if any problems arise. This can be a group admin, or someone in charge of the volunteer work in your community. The contact person has to be a part of the group on Nyby

Click "Add" and search for the person you want as your contact person. If that person is not yet a member of the group on Nyby, read this guide on how to add a new member, and try again after they are added

Automatically add new members to a channel

The channel is what connects different groups together in Nyby - for example the people asking for help with the people volunteering. Read more about what a channel is here, and how to make a channel here. 

For a group's main channel, such as "Practical help in Oslo" where members do not need any additional screening, it can be beneficial to add all new members automatically to the channel. For channels where you want additional screening and certain criteria to be met for new members to join (for example a channel for help with healthcare) you do not want all new members to be automatically added, as you probably want to add the members individually after screening. 

Click on "Add" and choose which channels you want new members to be automatically added to. 

NB! you can leave this blank if you do not want members to be automatically added to any channels

Automatically add new members to a subgroup

This setting is similar to the one above. If you choose a subgroup, all new members in the group will automatically be added to the subgroup which you choose here. Read more about what a subgroup is here, and how you make one here. 

Click on "Add" and choose which subgroup(s) you want new members to be added to.
NB! you can leave this blank if you do not want members to be automatically added to any channels

Group photo

The image you choose will be visible to all members and everyone who searches for your group. Choose an image that represents your group. 

Click "Upload image". After you upload the image, you can crop it as you wish by moving the pointer beneath the image. 

Welcome post

The welcome post will be shown automatically to new members of the group. Here you can type any information you want all new members to see, such as a welcome note, rules and regulations etc.
It may be beneficial to add a link to the help center so that they can get familiar with Nyby. Here they can read guides on how to register, download the app, join groups, post and reply to requests. 

The contact person will be shown as the sender of the welcome post, and a contact person is therefore needed for the welcome post to appear. 

Type the message and click "Save"

Member visibility

If you leave this on, all members in the group can see and send messages to each other. If you turn visibility off, only group admins can see members, see events participants and send messages to members of the group. 

In each channel you can determine whether you want members to see who can respond to requests, so this setting is only relevant for the group. 

Privacy and openness

You have three options regarding the openness of the group: Secret, Closed or Public. 

  • In a secret group, the group is only visible to the existing members. No one can search for the group, and admins have to invite all members through sending them campaigns or through manually adding them into the group

  • In a closed group, everyone can search for and read about your group in Nyby. New members can request to join, but they have to be accepted by a group admin. 

  • In a public group, everyone can search for and join your group. The admin does not have to accept requests. 

🔸Tip! Many choose to set their group to secret until they have finished all the other settings for their group. This way, you can make changes and fine tune your group before people can search for the group


If you have a closed or a public group, you have to choose a range. This range defines who can search for, and see, your group in Nyby. The group will appear to users within your chosen range when they search for groups near them. Choose a range that fits your purpose. 

NB! If you have a secret group you will not get the option to define a range as no one can search for your group. 

Click "Edit" to define or edit the range. A map will appear with a blue circle where you have to options: 

  1. Move the center of the circle by clicking- and holding the blue dot in the middle and move to your chosen location

  2. Increase or reduce the range by clicking- and holding the blue dot in the outer circle and moving it to your desired range

Click "Save" to save and close

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