Getting started with a new app can be difficult, and often our users have the same questions when starting out with Nyby. We have therefore gathered some frequently asked questions to get your started. For more general questions, such as "How do I join a group", or "How do I reply to someone's request on Nyby?" See our help center. 

"I want to offer help to others, where can I write this?"
On Nyby, the people in need of help are the ones posting requests, and the volunteers are then able to offer their help. This is one of the core principles of the service. By joining a group of volunteers on Nyby, you have implicitly said that you are willing to offer help, and can reply to any new request in the group. The requests will appear on your homescreen when you launch the app, and you can make an appointment directly with the person who needs help. To see others' requests and offer your help, you need to be a member of a group. If you are not yet a member of any groups, click this link to see a guide on how to join a group. 

"A lot of messages appear on my homescreen, are these all for me?"
Yes and no. You get these messages since you are a member of a volunteer group and are therefore qualified to help the people whom request help. The messages/requests are sent from someone whom is seeking help to every member of the volunteer group. All the volunteers in that group will therefore see these requests on their homescreens. If you choose to reply to a message, you will start a private chat with the person who is seeking help. The two of you are the only people who will see this thread and you can then agree to make an appointment. See how you can reply to a request here

"I have requested to join a group, but nothing is happening. Why?"
Many people are volunteering these days, and the group admins have to manually accept each volunteer. If it takes some time for your request to be accepted it may be one of two explanations. 1) The group admin has not gotten around to your request yet. For groups of high popularity, this may take a while so please be patient. 2) You are not qualified to be a part of that particular group. Some groups specifies some criteria in their "about" page. This may be that the volunteers have medical backgrounds, have a lot of spare time etc. If that is the case, you may look for other groups in which you are qualified to join, see how here. 

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