Creating a campaign

(Scroll down on how to edit or delete a campaign)

Log onto

  • Click on "Members" in the menu bar on the left side of the page, then click on "Campaign"

  • Click on the blue button "Create your first campaign"

  • You will now be taken through a series of steps to create your campaign:

Name of the campaign:

Give the campaign an intuitive name - the name is only visible to admins. The campaign can, for example, describe the aim of the campaign (i.e. "New members") Click on "Next"


Design your campaign using a picture, title and description


  • Click "Upload picture"

  • A pop-up window will appear with an option to choose a picture from your computer. Mark the picture you want to add, and click "choose"

  • Crop the picture as you would like. Click and hold the pointer on the picture to crop. Zoom by adjusting the button at the bottom-left. Complete the process by clicking "Save"

Title: Give the campaign a title. The title will be visible for everyone who enters the campaign

Text: Type the information you want to give potential members. This should include the purpose of the group, who should join the group, and any qualification criterias you may have

(NB: You can easily edit the picture, title and text at a later stage)

Contact form:

Included in the campaign is a registration form where people can sign up to join your group. If you want the people registering through the campaign to leave a message along with the obligatory information (their name and phone number), leave the tick on the "Message" box on and click "Next". If you do not wish additional information from members, untick the box and click "Next"

NB! The message field is only relevant for groups that are "private" or "secret", if your group is public, everyone will get accepted to the group and they therefore do not have to type a message. 

Show on the group's public profile:

Choose whether you want the campaign to be visible on the group's public profile, or only visible to those you share the campaign with directly and your members. 

The campaign is now completed and "live"!

Click on the link to see what the campaign looks like. The campaign will open in a new tab. The campaign is now visible on your public profile if you chose that in the last step. If not, no one can see the campaign until you share it.

Click on "copy the link" and share the campaign on your platforms. The campaign can be shared on:

The campaign looks like a web-page with an integrated registration form. People who sign up will automatically come through as a member request if your group is set to "Private". Read more about how to administer member requests here.
If your group is set to "Public" everyone who signs up will automatically become members in your group. 

Edit or delete a campaign

  • Log onto

  • Click on "Members" and then "Campaign"

  • Hold the pointer directly above the campaign until three blue dots appear

  • Choose "Edit" or "Delete"

  • Cllick on the sections you want to edit, and make the changes you want

  • Click "Save" and your campaign is updated!

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