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As you already know, Nyby is a platform where you can connect those in need directly with people that can contribute. Before launching your group and inviting members, there are a few steps in which you need to complete. This guide will give you an overview of the steps you need to complete, and we have included links to all relevant pages that give you step-by-step guides on how to do so. 

In each account, there will be at least two groups. One group is usually for the group of people who want to ask for assistance for something. The other group is usually for some type of volunteers. You might be the admin for both groups, or for just one of them. If you are the admin for more than one group, these steps have to be completed for all the groups you manage

  1. Update settings. The first thing you need to do is to update the settings in your group. The settings are the basis for your group, and here you can give your group a name, description, define who can search for your group etc. Read the complete guide to settings here. If you are the admin for more than one group, make sure you are in the right group before updating the settings. 🔸 Tip! If your group is set to "Secret" no one can see your group until you are ready to launch it. Read how to in the link above

  2. Create a campaign. Congrats! Your group settings are all updated. And don't worry, you can go back and change a setting at any time. The next thing you should do is to create a campaign. A campaign is the best way to recruit new members to your group, or to get everyone in your organisation or unit to join the group. Read more about what a campaign is here, and how you create one here. At this stage you can create the campaign for your group, or each of your groups (if you have multiple). You can always go back and change the campaign if you wish. Before you send out the campaign, complete step 3 below

  3. You are now ready to create a channel. A channel is the way in which different group "talk" to one another. Remember, in Nyby there are usually at least two groups: One for those who need help, and one for those who offer help. The channel enables communication between the two groups in the form of requests for assistance. Read more about what a channel is here, and how you create one here. In the channel, some people will be able to post requests, and some people will be able to see and respond to requests. In the channel you will be able to define who has which rights in the given channel. 

  4. Start inviting members to your group(s). 🔸 You can do this as you have finished step 1, 2 and 3. Make sure you have changed the group setting to "Private" or "Public" so that people can search for your group. When inviting members you have 3 options:                                                                                                               1. Post the campaign on whichever platforms you wish, such as Facebook, your home page, the intranet etc.                                                                                     2.Send the link to the campaign in an email to all your employees, or the group of people you wish to join the group. See an example here, and                                 3. Invite members manually.                                                                                           📌 Regardless of the way in which you invite members, they will get the option to join the group. If your group is set to "Private" (In the group settings) you, as group admin, will receive a member request. See this guide on how to see all your members requests, how to send messages to the people who have requested to join, and how to accept/deny requests. If your group is set to "Public" everyone will be able to join the group without having to get accepted by the group admin. 

You have now completed all the steps to get your first Nyby group up and running! Often we see that a lot of people join the groups, but it often takes a while for people to start posting request so do not worry. 

In the mean time you can for example publish a post in your group with information on how to use the Nyby app, here the members can learn how to ask for help in the Nyby app, or how to respond to a request in the app.

For any other questions on how to administer a group in Nyby, scroll through our help center for admins. 

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